Why the Nissan LEAF Remains the Top EV

If you're sick and tired of burning gasoline stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic along The Beltway, switch up to the best electric vehicle on the market. While others may boast longer driving ranges and other apparent advantages, consider how the new Nissan LEAF is just the latest iteration of the longest-running EVs on the market. There's clearly something Nissan is doing right with its tech-filled and smooth-cruising EV, and we'll be happy to take you for a test drive when you visit our Dulles, VA area Nissan dealership located in Sterling. Press play to see more of the new LEAF.



When comparing the new LEAF to the plug-in hybrid Chevy Volt or Chevrolet's EV, the Bolt (confusing, we know), the LEAF's far longer model lifespan really showcases why experience matters in the electric and green car game. Nissan has worked out all the kinks of previous versions, leading to a smooth driving, quickly accelerating EV that's quiet and long-lasting, but boasts a level of performance you'd expect only out of gas-powered cars.

Also making the LEAF the better choice than its Chevy competitors is the kind of tech it uses. Like with some of our other new Nissan models you'll find here in the Dulles area of northern Virginia, the new LEAF makes the impressive ProPilot Assist suite available in higher trims. This set of premium radars, sensors and cameras leads to nearly autonomous driving in your LEAF during slow-moving traffic hours on the highway, a nice perk that other EVs and hybrids typically don't offer.

Try out the new LEAF for yourself to see why it's the top EV on the market by coming over to Brown's Dulles Nissan today.

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