For a Great Value, Choose the 2020 Nissan Versa as Your Commuter

There's certainly a lot to love about the new 2020 Nissan Versa, an updated and improved take on our Dulles area dealership's smart economy car. But one area that's often overlooked is the overall value of a car, and with the new Versa, your dollar takes you much further than it might with other vehicles. Check in on the great deals we're offering for this clever commuter, then visit our Nissan dealership near Dulles, VA today for a quick test drive in the new 2020 Versa.



The obvious appeal for the new 2020 Versa is its close to 40-mpg highway rating, making it the perfect choice to commute between Dulles and Washington D.C. and anywhere else in this area you travel around to. But with the new and improved edition of the Versa, you'll get more in terms of safety features and other options, without the price increasing dramatically over the previous and lighter-equipped editions from years past.

To make sure you get a great deal on the new Versa, or any of the other new Nissan models that interest you, be sure to apply for financing online early on during your search process. With your credit checked and by providing you with several new Nissan leasing or financing options, you'll be able to fit the right edition of the new 2020 Versa into your budget, all with a deal that makes sense in terms of monthly payments, warranty coverage and other options as you head on down the road.

Test drive the new 2020 Versa here at Brown's Dulles Nissan by visiting us right now, and we'll be happy to show you the excellent value of this smart commuter car.

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