If you've paid any attention the auto industry, and especially if you're starting to search for an alternative fuel car, you know how many brands are rolling out all kinds of new electric vehicles. But for us here near Dulles, VA, it's always been the Nissan LEAF that's stood out. The LEAF was not only one of the first and best mass-marketed EVs available, but it's also continued to improve over the years. That's apparent with the upcoming 2023 Nissan LEAF, which simplified things with its trim levels and driving ranges, and adds a few more features.

As the LEAF improved and expanded its options over the years, more trim levels became available. But Nissan found that drivers are most concerned with the two electric powertrain options and the driving ranges included with each setup. With that in mind, the brand wisely condensed your options to a pair of clearly delineated trim levels, one for the more-powerful setup with a longer driving range. With that out of the way, small improvements for tiny details and tech features round out the redesigned Nissan LEAF.

With the new trim level designations making it easier to decide which LEAF model to choose – as well as figuring out the right fit for your budget – you'll quickly learn why going electric is a smart move these days. Obviously there are environmental concerns, and you won't miss lining up and paying a bundle at the fuel pumps. But these days, charging any EV at home or in the public is easier than ever. As EV infrastructure improves, the time is ripe to upgrade to the perfect Nissan LEAF for your travels around Sterling, Dulles, and throughout Virginia and beyond.

Head over to Brown's Dulles Nissan in Sterling, VA today and learn more about the latest LEAF editions we have for sale.

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